Welcome to the end of the Internet.


I’m Jeff and I own a podcast network & production house called the Podglomerate. Our shows have been featured on Apple Podcasts, Spotify & TuneIn and are on track to receive nearly half a million downloads a year. If you have any interest in learning more, advertising, or even creating a new show send me an email here

I also help people promote things on the Internet through writing, marketing and social media. Currently I’m working on a few projects split between tech, writing and podcasting. Send me an email for more info.



I’m recently back from a few months in San Francisco where I helped to register voters for the 2016 election through VotePlz, a non-profit non-partisan registration initiative cofounded by Sam Altman, President of Y Combinator. I’m coming off a five year stint working as the Director of Digital Marketing at Goldberg McDuffie Communications, helping authors promote their books on the Internet. Before that, I worked as a Product Manager at Appsolute Media, as an SEO Specialist for Blue Core Studios, and as a bookseller for Water Street Bookstore in Exeter, New Hampshire. I was/am also a consultant for Product HuntTalkshow, Koko, Serial Box, and others where I help grow audiences. There were also some really cool and random things in between.


For fun I host a podcast with my friend Kyle. It’s called Writers Who Don’t Write and we interview authors, journalists, editors and comedians on the one story they’ve struggled to tell. We have a newsletter and a blog associated, and I’m pretty proud of some of the pieces we’ve written and edited.


I graduated from Ithaca College in May of 2010 with a B.A. in Writing and a minor in English. I’m based in New York City.


If you want to get in touch, please tweet me or email me. There are a lot of other ways to find me, but you’ll have to use your imagination.

Email: jeff (dot) umbro (at) gmail.com

Some of my writing, speaking and general Internet things can be found here. And all things job/employment related are here.